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This wiki page contains resources for the Improvisational Theater for Computing Scientist NSF project. The project brings the creative practices of improvisational theater into the training of research scientists with hopes of increasing scientists' capacities to be creative in their fields of expertise and to create new ways of seeing and doing education and research.

Performance and Science Links

  • Improvisational Theater for Computing Scientists:[1]

National Science Foundation pilot project home page

An introductory improvisation theater workshop provided by to practice listening and speaking skills and creating group conversations

  • Theater, Communication and Science: Work by Holly Gaff and Jenifer Alonzo [2]

Ms. Alonzo is working to develop a series of workshops which will help biologists and mathematicians better collaborate

Performance in Scientific Conferences

  • American Society for Cell Biology, CellSlam [3]

A juried science slam, similar to a poetry slam, held at the ASCB Annual Meeting; science in 3 minutes or less

  • European Student Council Symposium [4]

Gijs Meeusen presented a very interactive workshop entitled Presenting Science using the theatre approach (2010).

Groups Performing Science

  • SPG Improv: Northwestern University's Graduate Student Improv Group [5]

A diverse group of graduate students whose mission is to build community through learning, teaching and performing improvisational theater.

A group of computer scientists have created a parody band

  • Physics Review at UIUC [7]

Every year the Physics Department of UIUC holds a talent show in which students and faculty perform

A competition for scientists to create dance videos based on their graduate research

  • We are Science!

An art collective that explores knowlegde and Art. Found on Facebook and appears connected to Washington Improv Theater.

Performances, Scenes, Videos

  • Dance of the ribosome, a 1970's video produced by Stanford Biochemist [10]
  • Improvisation for Scientists

Workshops by Alan Alda and the Center for Communicating Science [11]

References of interest

Performance/Improv and Learning

  • Performing as Scientists: an improvisational approach to student research and faculty collaboration” BioScene, March 2006. Holmes and Qureshi [12]
  • Creative Teaching: Collaborative Discussion as Disciplined Improvisation. Educational Researcher 2004. R. Keith Sawyer [13]
  • Science at the Improv [14]
  • Improvisational Learning blog [15]

Improv and Business

  • Applied Improv Network [16]
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