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Creating developmental environments and programs for scientists

What is Developmental Science?

What is the life of scientists like? We now have a NOVA program dedicated to the "secret life of scientists." What about the day to day life of scientists? Is it growthful? developmental?

I use the term "Developmental Science" to refer to the human side of doing science- doing science in a way that supports human development. Is this necessary? Possible? Indeed. Here are people and groups that are engaged in what I see as developmental science.

  • Young Faculty Forum [1]
  • C.R.E.A.T.E and L.I.M.I.T.S This is the approach being made popular by Sally Hoskins of CCNY. In this context, students are being introduced to science literature and asked to develop as scientists. This brings the practice that scientists do on a daily/weekly basis into the classroom.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning Experience in Biophotonics- Here the jointly taught course brings together faculty from biology, chemisty, physics and engineering to teach students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds (undergraduates) to learn in a hands on and theoretical context. The rich lab environment allows for the faculty to go from lecture to hands on in one session. Students learn in a group context from one another, each taking the lead in their own areas and learning from the questions of their peers as well as their need to reshape their understanding in order to teach one another. Looking forward to publications from this group at Kent State.
  • Improvement of Learning and Teaching Effiency by web-associated seminars- Here faculty in Germany had to develop a new way of teaching large numbers of students. What do you do when you have so many students and your classes are becoming boring and rote? Try something new. Students are broken into groups, asked to go in depth in an area and teach one another. Faculty are more engaged, the groups are having fun and learning. They are responsible for their progress, they are developing a new knowledge resource. The faculty are in the process of better understanding their success in content area. It's that age old conundrum, are they learning what they need to know? You likely have thoughts on this, let me know improvscience At gmail Dot com

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