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A Workshop of

An Introduction to Improvisation for Scientists Workshop.

Improvisational theater games and exercises are great, fun ways to develop group dynamics that are collaborative and creative. In this introduction workshop, participants are able to practice listening, speaking and creating conversations as a group. Improv Science workshops are provided by and have been given at the Systems Biology Department of Harvard Medical and the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling at University of Connecticut Health Center. Contact improvscience at gmail dot com to schedule a workshop for your group.

  • This independent work led to NSF funding of the Improv Theater for Computing Scientists [1]

When to have a workshop

  • building a team
  • improving your listening and conversation skills
  • enhancing creativity
  • community building
  • whenever you want

Workshops are 1.5 to 2.5 hours in length. A minimum of six participants required for a workshop.

contact improvscience at gmail dot com for more info.

Why Improv Science

Scientists are beginning to address directly the social environment in which we do science: how we talk to each other, collaborate, and whether we support our development as scientists and human beings (Developmental Science References). Improvisational theater skills provide a context in which scientists can develop as team members, listeners, contributors, collaborators and directors.

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